Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Isaacs in Amsterdam

The Isaacs shared these photos from Saturday in Amsterdam

Becky and a very tiny car

Becky and Jakobi biking in Amsterdam
Jakobi, Becky and Levi
 Levi, Zak, Ben and Jakobi
Jakobi biking thru Amsterdam
Jimmy and Ayden

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Isaacs enjoying Amsterdam today.....

We're in downtown Amsterdam. Beautiful sunny day. Everyone has rented bikes to ride around town. They are having so much fun. I'm in a predicament. So growing up in NYC I never owned a bike so I didn't learn how to ride one!! And I don't think it's smart to learn today on a busy street in the city. So I'm sitting at this beautiful Chinese restaurant on the water eating lunch n just enjoying an hour of relaxation. While the the family and group are working off all the calories we've eating this trip. I'm getting fatter!!!!
Love, Lily

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Isaacs Tour in Ireland and the Netherlands

The Isaacs are having a great time touring in Ireland and the Netherlands this week.  They've shared some great pictures of their time there.  Today they flew to Amsterdam and toured the
Ten Boom House.  Lily writes.......
Caught an early flight to Amsterdam today and went to Haarlem to the Corey Ten Boom house. What an experience! If you've never read The Hiding Place, you MUST. This is the most amazing story of survival and forgiveness I have ever heard told. The original structure of the Store/house is the same. Some of the furniture and precious treasures are still intact and displayed here. We relived this family's story and walked thru the steps of their routine in hiding Jews. They would have as many as 10-12 people there at one time. The people that were in this closet had 70 seconds to run up 3 flights of stairs and take all their belongings with them to hide in this closet. If they were found they would be immediately killed. 6 people were cramped in this small space for 2 and 1/2 days. Wow! The streets in this town are so old and beautiful. The town square looks like it comes out of a story book! I stood there and imagined what it would have been like here 70 years ago! What a day. I'm truly blessed. We start with our series of 3 concerts tomorrow then home Monday. Keep praying for us. We've had fantastic services. It's been a wonderful trip so far!!!

In the hiding place........Ten Boom House

 Crom Castle The Lordship and Lady Lorship

 Drop Inn Community Church Pastor Neil

Faith Mission Book Shop

The Best fish and chips

Zak says Mozart played the organ in this cathedral

Northern Ireland friends!

John Long's fish and chips

Killyhevlin Hotel

How many suitcases does it take......

more fish and chips

The Isaacs promoter Ronnie Dawson

Tea at Crom Castle

Ten Boom Museum tour

The Ten Boom House in the hiding place
There are no 'if's' in God's world. And no places that are safer than other places. The center of His will is our only safety - let us pray that we may always know it!” 
― Corrie ten Boom

at the Titanic museum

Dinner with the Dawson family

Zak's breakfast after a great morning run

Zak Shumate - the Isaacs drummer

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lily Isaacs and New Leaf Publishing Group

For Immediate Release

New Leaf Publishing Group
and Lily Isaacs Strike Publishing Deal

Nashville, TN (February 20, 2014) In early October, New Leaf Publishing Group (Green Forest, AR) and Lily Isaacs (matriarch of the popular Dove award-winning gospel group The Isaacs) agreed to a publishing contract. Lily’s autobiography, 'You Don’t Cry Out Loud', will be available May of 2014 and offers an extremely personal look at her life including: growing up in a Jewish family, surviving breast cancer, and overcoming relationship struggles.
The pre-order sale announcement of the book on has been heating up the internet with people and fans all across FaceBook and webpages excited about the opportunity to get their copies as soon as possible. You can pre-order the book here: .
A talented daughter of Holocaust survivors, Lily Isaacs is a woman who has felt pain, loss, and the incomparable joy of a life with Jesus Christ. Co-founder and current member of The Isaacs whose 35-year career includes performances at the Grand Ole Opry, Gaither Homecoming Concerts, and more, Lily has experienced incredible highs and very deep lows. Above all, Lily’s steady refrain has been one of God’s constant love, comfort, and strength.
New Leaf Publishing Group is honored to partner with such an influential Christian voice. Her story is sure to touch lives and encourage anyone who may be experiencing their own valleys. Best-selling author and speaker Andy Andrews is authoring the foreword to the book, which makes for an exciting addition and stellar combination.
Since 1975 New Leaf Publishing Group has been dedicated to ink on paper touching eternity. You Don’t Cry Out Loud will be a beautiful addition to the company’s mission and goal- reaching the lost for Christ.

For more information please contact Katie Gumm - publicist, 800-999-3777 or .

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A personal invitation from The Isaacs.........Join us on our trip to Israel

Dear Friends, 

We, The Isaacs, want to personally invite you on a trip we are taking this summer.. a trip to the Holy Land!  Many of you whom we have had the pleasure of meeting over the years have expressed interest in a trip such as this, so we wanted to make you aware of it!  We want to especially reach out to those of you who are serving in ministry, whether it be as a pastor, evangelist, music minister, promoter, or any of the many jobs we are called to do for the Lord.  If you have never been to the Israel, then you couldn't possibly imagine how much being in this Sacred Land, the place where our entire faith was born, will revive and grow your spiritual insight and eternally enhance your ministry.  Here are the details, and we are attaching the full brochure for your review. 

* Our trip is June 4-13, 2014.  

* All-inclusive price includes- 3 meals/day, 5 star hotels, Flights to and from JFK in NYC, All tips, taxes, site entry fees, tour guides, and anything else that would otherwise cost you. No hidden charges.

* Host- Inspiration Tours (1st class in touring, taking thousands to Israel every year!) & The Isaacs (we have been 11 times!)

* Total number passengers- Goal of 100, capacity for 150.  Once our capacity is filled, we cannot take any more, so please act quickly to reserve your spot! 

* Sites we're visiting-  Please see the brochure.  We have specifically tailored this trip to see the most important and enjoyable sites based on popularity and our previous visits.  We will see EVERYTHING we can possibly see in the time given.  You will not be disappointed! Some of our favorite experiences include prayer in The Garden of Gethsemane, a baptismal service in the Jordan River (Pastors, you can baptize your own members if you like), A service in a "Jesus boat" on the Sea of Galilee, worship time in the Garden tomb area and Mt Calvary, a visit to the Holocaust  Memorial and Masada... and many, many more!!!  

* We will be singing and having brief services at several of the Holy Sites. John Bowman (Becky's husband, an ordained minister) will be sharing the Word at select sites.  We try to include our pastors as much as possible in these services, so you will experience what it's like to minister where Jesus himself did.  

* Price- $4098/ person (based on double occupancy- see brochure for details on single rooming or land only pricing). This price is among the lowest you will find for an all-inclusive 10 day trip.  

* Safety concerns- Tourism in Israel has been experiencing higher rates in the last few months than they have in several years and we feel confident that our safety will not be compromised whatsoever. Inspiration Tours will have reps with us at all times and will make sure we are never in danger. 

* Deadlines- We need to know your interest asap as we are holding seats with our airline carrier.  They need an approximate headcount by Feb 14, so if you are considering taking a group from your church, it would help to know that promptly. We will accept reservations until time to leave, but cannot guarantee seating on the same flight as us after their requested deadline. 

We've only planned this trip a few months ago and still have plenty room for you and your guests. If you've ever dreamed of walking on the same soil that once framed our Lord Jesus's footprints, or want to stand in the cool waters of the Jordan River that He, Himself once stood in, then you NEED to go on this trip!   How would you see the Bible differently every time you read about a miracle after having felt God’s presence in that very place? There are no words to describe this unforgettable life-changing opportunity. Preachers, don't you desire to lead your congregation with a new spiritual level of insight that only comes from being there?  We encourage you to bring as many church members as possible to share this time with you, as it will revive them as well.  Please share this trip with them and let us send you some brochures to put in your pamphlet area.  Also, we invite you to tell others you know who may share in our interest of visiting The Holy Land.  Please pray about it and let us know if you're interested as soon as possible, as we are holding seats with the airline and need to be able to confirm a close number next month . We aren't sure if we will be doing any more Israel tours after this one, so if you're interested, don't wait... it's gonna be amazing!!!  Join us for this trip of a lifetime!  

God Bless you and Shalom!
The Isaacs......Lily, Ben, Sonya, Becky and families


Monday, February 3, 2014

Vote for The Isaacs in the Absolutely Gospel awards!!

It's time to vote for The Isaacs in the Absolutely Gospel awards!  You can vote until February 14th!  Click the link below to be taken to the Absolutely Gospel website to place your vote in the selected categories. You will need a valid email address in order to vote.

Thank you for voting for The Isaacs.

A sampling of the voting ballot..........

Question 2

 All Things New - Gordon Mote
 Classics Collection - Sisters
 Living For the Moment - Beyond the Ashes
 Love Is Stronger - Jason Crabb
 Revival - Karen Peck & New River
 Safe...After the Storm - Bowling Family
 The Living Years - The Isaacs
 The Lord Is Good - Collingsworth Family
 Time Machine - The Browders
 Voice In the Desert - The Freemans

Question 6

 Bowling Family
 The Browders
 Collingsworth Family
 The Isaacs
 Karen Peck & New River
 The Nelons

Question 7

 Jim Brady (of the Booth Brothers)
 Karen Peck Gooch (of Karen Peck & New River)
 Scott Inman (of Triumphant Quartet)
 Becky & Sonya Isaacs (of The Isaacs)
 Daryl Williams (of the Daryl Williams Trio)

Question 8

 Darrell Freeman (of The Freemans)
 Wayne Haun (of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
 Ben Isaacs (of The Isaacs)
 Donna King (of Zane & Donna King)
 Roger Talley (of The Talleys)

Question 9

 Becky Isaacs Bowman (of The Isaacs)
 Kim Collingsworth (of the Collingsworth Family)
 Channing Eleton
 Matthew Holt (of the Gaither Vocal Band)
 Gordon Mote
 Josh Singletary (of Tribute Quartet)

Question 11

 Booth Brothers
 Collingsworth Family
 The Isaacs
 Karen Peck & New River
 Tribute Quartet

Question 12

 Adam Crabb
 Bowling Family
 Brian Free & Assurance
 The Isaacs
 Ivan Parker
 Jeff & Sheri Easter
 Karen Peck & New River
 Michael English
 The Nelons
 Sneed Family

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Join The Isaacs on a trip to Israel!!

Hi Isaacs friends......We're approaching a deadline for Deposits for our Holy land trip this June. So this is just a friendly reminder ....if you plan to join us on a "TRIP OF A LIFETIME" send in your deposits by mid Feb. Don't miss out on this experience. Our entire family plans to go. Ten glorious days of sightseeing, special services in biblical holy landmarks, 5 star hotels, 3 meals a day, fellowship and the most rewarding spiritual gift you can give yourself!! This will be our 12th trip to Israel and safety has never been an issue. We join with Inspiration tours, who take over 4000 people a year to Israel. So don't put it of. PLEASE JOIN US WHILE THERE IS STILL ROOM ! Just click the link below to find more information about the trip. SHALOM!!!!