Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Isaacs to appear on RFD's Larry's Country Diner

The Isaacs taped a segment for RFD Channel's Larry's Country Diner today.  The broadcast date is scheduled for Saturday night October 12th at 11:00pm and Sunday October 13th at 7:00pm EST on RFD TV.  Direct TV channel 345.  What fun this was!  Don't miss it!

Lily with Larry Black

Becky pickin with the sheriff, Jimmy Capps

On the set of "Larry's Country Diner"

The Isaacs

The sound man, Mark Capps with his dad Jimmy Capps

Mark Capps

The Isaacs sound man Mark Capps with Jimmy & Michelle Capps

L to R Becky Isaacs Bowman, Mark Capps, Jimmy Capps, Michelle Capps,
Ben Isaacs, Lily Isaacs and Sonya Isaacs Yeary

Mark headed in for a great day of taping for Larry's Country Diner

It must've been funny!!!

Stay tuned for broadcast date this fall..........